Balloon Race


Enjoy sky-high thrills in Balloon Race, a colourful addition to our live slot family! Immerse yourself in an exhilarating experience that’s bursting with multipliers and endless entertainment — culminating in a one-of-a-kind Balloon Race Bonus game.

The action unfolds in a thrilling three-phase format. First qualify for the Balloon Race Bonus round by collecting scatter symbols and Expanding Wilds. After that, ramp up your chances of multiplied winnings in a fun, balloon-rising and popping Top-Up phase.

Then it’s into the live Balloon Race Bonus round with its seamless blend of live action and an exciting Balloon Race to a finish line high above the clouds. With our dynamic game host guiding a real ball drawing machine, coloured balls propel correspondingly coloured balloons ever upwards.

Sit back, enjoy the race, and await the moment when a balloon triumphantly crosses the finish line, applying the winning multiplier to your bet!


Balloon Race is a colourful slot and live game show combination that brings you into a hot air balloon adventure high above the clouds.

The objective of this three-phase game is to qualify for the live Bonus round in which the first balloon to reach the top is the winner.


The game begins with the Qualification phase, played using a five-reel, three-row slot with ten fixed winlines, one scatter symbol, one Expanding Wild and eight paying symbols (10, J, Q, K, A, Bronze Ribbon, Silver Ribbon).

The goal here is to land a set of any three symbols — either scatter symbols or Expanding Wilds. Scatter symbols may contain additional multipliers that boost your total winnings. The Expanding Wild symbol can substitute for any other symbol across the entire reel except for the scatter and increases your odds of hitting a qualifying combination.

After successfully qualifying, any multipliers (up to 30x) you gathered are added and used in the Balloon Race Bonus round to calculate the final multipliers.

You may still get payouts for winning combinations, which are paid out according to the paytable.


The Qualification slot features three spin modes:
Normal spin (set by default), XXXtreme spin and Super XXXtreme spin.

To spin the Qualification slot, select the bet amount and click/tap SPIN. The bet selected in Normal spin mode becomes your base bet and will be used to calculate your winnings.

Activating either of the XXXtreme spin modes will help you qualify faster by guaranteeing either a scatter or Expanding Wild symbol in each spin at the cost of an increased spin bet amount.

• Activating XXXtreme spin mode costs 5 times your base bet for one guaranteed scatter or Expanding Wild symbol and increases the chance of getting better multipliers.

• Activating Super XXXtreme spin mode costs 50 times the base bet for two guaranteed scatter or Expanding Wild symbols and increases the chance of getting even better multipliers.

Payouts will be calculated using the base bet.


After qualifying for the Balloon Race Bonus round and while waiting for it to begin, you have the option to participate in the Top-Up phase. By clicking on the TOP UP button, it releases 3–6 balloons (maximum two of each colour), and each balloon contains a possible Top-Up value. As the balloons ascend, they can either pop or reach the top, where the respective Bonus value of the balloon is added to the corresponding finish target. These values will be added to the Bonus game’s total Bonus value.

To spin and release the Top-Up balloons, the minimum Top-Up bet amount equals the base bet you qualified with.

By choosing to increase the Top-Up bet amount, you also increase the value of multipliers.

Once the Top-Up time runs out, you are transferred to the Balloon Race Bonus round.

If you qualify for the Top-Up phase 15 seconds before the Balloon Race Bonus round is about to begin (timer may vary 2–5 seconds due to animations in the Qualification phase), a pop-up message will appear on the screen.

Click/tap BONUS to join the Balloon Race Bonus round or TOP UP to stay in Top-Up and wait for the next Bonus round.

If no decision is made, you are automatically transferred to the Balloon Race Bonus round.

After the Top-Up phase, a plane will unleash random multipliers for each colour. These multipliers will be multiplied by the scatter multipliers, then added to your Top-Up multiplier to determine the final multipliers for the live Bonus game.


Now sit back and enjoy the live show led by our game host. The Balloon Race Bonus round will take you above the clouds and into an exciting hot air balloon race towards Bonuses. The Bonus game features a ball drawing machine with 80 balls in yellow, purple, green and red (20 balls of each of the four colours) and different multipliers awaiting the hot air balloons at the finish line.As the race begins, the coloured balls are drawn randomly. When a ball is drawn, the balloon of the matching colour ascends one step upwards. This process repeats, with the ball drawing machine continuously drawing the different coloured balls, and the balloons then ascending in response to the drawn colours.

The aim for the balloons is to be the first to fly five positions up to the finish line. When one balloon reaches the top after five repetitions, the race is finished. The colour of the winning balloon determines the payout for all players.

Once the first hot air balloon has reached the finish line, all multipliers (Scatter, Top-Up, and Bonus round) are calculated together (Scatter multipliers x Bonus round multipliers) + Top-Up multipliers = Final multipliers.

Release Date

June 13, 2024

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