Emperor of India

Red Tiger presents: Emperor of India

Venture through the opulent corridors of history with Emperor of India, where each spin unveils the majestic tapestry of an empire’s riches!

Symbols vanish with each win, paving the way for new ones to cascade down the reels, potentially leading to great victories. Ascend through the ranks of the Emperor’s Rule as you progress through 4 stages, each unlocking powerful features. From Emperor Wilds to High Emperor Wilds with lucrative multipliers, and the esteemed Great Emperor Wild, every stage brings new treasures to uncover and leads you closer to the ultimate reward: Free Spins, where the kingdom’s wealth is yours for the taking.

With each spin, the chance to conquer and emerge as the ultimate ruler beckons. Join the Emperor of India and seize your fortune today!

Chain Reaction and Game Mechanic

Symbols forming wins disappear, making way for new symbols to drop in that may form new wins. Each reel has 6 symbol positions, but only the bottom 3 rows are active at the start of each spin. Forming a win activates the next inactive row from bottom to top for the following chain reactions, increasing the number of possible win ways. At the start of each spin the active rows are reset to the initial 3.

Emperor’s Rule Progress Bar

A progress bar comprising 4 stages overlays the 6th reel. Achieving the highest paying symbol (Precious Gem) on the active rows contributes to filling the progress bar. Each stage necessitates landing 100 symbols to reach completion. Upon completing each stage of the Emperor’s Rule, new symbol types and features enhance the reels:

Stage 1: Emperor Wild (Purple)
Stage 2: High Emperor Wild (Green)
Stage 3: Great Emperor Wild (Pink)
Stage 4: Free Spins

Upon the fulfillment of stage 4 of the Emperor’s Rule, the progress bar vanishes, and the 6th reel becomes accessible.


Wilds substitute for all paying symbols. Wilds, including those unlocked by completing a stage in the Emperor’s Rule, appear on reel 3 until the last stage of the Emperor’s Rule is completed, and on reels 3 and 4 after that.

Emperor Wild

The Emperor Wild exapnds across all active rows on a reel and remains in place even after contributing to a win until all 6 rows of the reels are engaged, however, it disappears after participating in a win on the 6th row.

High Emperor Wild

The High Emperor Wild acts the same as the Emperor Wild, but also holds a random win multiplier of x2, x3, x5 or x10.

Great Emperor Wild

The Great Emperor Wild acts the same as the High Emperor Wild but also does not disappear after taking part in a win for 3 consecutive wins after all 6 rows of the reels are activated.

Free Spins

After completing the final stage of the Emperor’s Rule, Free Spins scatters are introduced to reels 1, 2, 5, and 6. If 4 Free Spins scatters land in a spin, it triggers 10 free spins. Furthermore, during Free Spins, landing 4 Free Spins scatters awards an additional 10 spins.

Reels x Rows

5 x 3 / 5 x 4 / 5 x 5 / 5 x 6 (After last stage progression: 6 x 3 / 6 x 4 / 6 x 5 / 6 x 6)

Win Lines

243 / 1,024, / 3,125 / 7,776 (After last stage progression: 729 / 4,096 / 15,625 / 46,656)

Maximum Win


Hit Frequency

5/5 (High)


5/5 (High)

Release Date

June 27, 2024