Jungle Spirit Megaways™

NetEnt presents: Jungle Spirit Megaways™

Jungle Spirit Megaways™, where the jungle’s mysteries will leave you roaring for more!

Watch as symbols marked by butterflies expand to cover entire reels in both the main game and Free Spins.With Butterfly Boost, 2 - 3 butterflies may land on high-win symbols, guaranteeing wins as they expand across the reels. But the real danger awaits in Free Spins, where you can choose from 5 different games, each with its own high-win symbol and varying numbers of free spins. Will you opt for the Tiger, Elephant, Bear, Crocodile, or Cobra Free Spins? Take a spin on the Free Spins Wheel for a chance to double your spins and multiply your wins. Feeling adventurous? Skip straight to the action with the Buy Feature, unlocking Free Spins for 50x the stake.

Venture into the jungle and let your spirit go wild with Jungle Spirit Megaways™!

Symbols Expansion

In the main game and in Free Spins, a high-win symbol that is part of a win combination is randomly marked by butterflies during the initial spin. A symbol marked by a butterfly will expand to cover the entire reel.

Butterfly Boost

The Butterfly Boost feature can be activated during each spin in the main game and in Free Spins. Between 2 to 3 butterflies may land on high-win symbols and expand them to cover the entire reel and are guaranteed to be part of a winning combination.

Free Spins

Scatter symbols appear in the main game on reels 1, 3 and 5 and can also appear anywhere during Avalanches. When the collection reaches 3 scatters, Free Spins is activated.

At the start of Free Spins, 5 Free Spins games are available to choose from. Each Free Spins game features a single high-win symbol corresponding to the animal theme, appearing exclusively on the reels. Free Spins games award a different number of Free Spins. Games with fewer Free Spins have higher risk and higher win potential.

• Tiger Free Spins: 4 free spins.
• Elephant Free Spins: 8 free spins.
• Bear Free Spins: 12 free spins.
• Crocodile Free Spins: 16 free spins.
• Cobra Free Spins: 20 free spins.

After selecting the Free Spins game, players gain access to the Free Spins Wheel, offering a chance to double the number of free spins. Accepting and winning on the Free Spins Wheel doubles the initial count of free spins. However, losing on the Free Spins Wheel results in the forfeiture of Free Spins, prompting players to return to the main game. Conversely, declining the Free Spins Wheel initiates Free Spins with the originally intended number of spins.

Buy Feature

Unlock Free Spins for 50x the stake with the Buy Feature.

Reels x Rows

6 x 7

Win Lines


Maximum Win




Release Date

May 09, 2024