Lightening Dragon Tiger


Lightning Dragon Tiger infuses our immensely popular Dragon Tiger with electrifying multipliers and striking action as players guess which side will have the highest value card. Set in an elegant yet dramatic studio, Lightning Dragon Tiger is sure to bring new levels of excitement and anticipation to your gaming experience.

In each game round, one card suit (Hearts, Spades, Diamonds, or Clubs) will be assigned a random multiplier from 2x up to 8x. Place a bet on which side you think the highest card value will be dealt to, or choose a Tie or Suited Tie if you think both hands will have the same result. A 20% fee is added to your total bet for the opportunity of multiplied winnings.

After the Lightning Round, both Dragon and Tiger will be dealt one card each, and the highest value will determine the winner. If your winning hand includes a Lightning Card, your payout will be multiplied accordingly.

Lightning Dragon Tiger is an excellent addition to our award-winning Lightning family and complements player favourites such as Lightning Roulette, Lightning Dice and Lightning Blackjack.


The objective of Lightning Dragon Tiger is to predict which side (Dragon or Tiger) will have the highest value card dealt to it.

The game is played with eight standard 52-card decks (excluding Jokers). The card values are as follows:

• Aces count as 1, being the lowest, followed by 2 and so on
• King is the highest (so, A-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-JQ-K).


Place a bet on Dragon, Tiger, Tie, or Suited Tie.

A 20% fee will be added to your total bet and is displayed in the user interface. For example, if you place a bet of €5, a 20% fee, which is €1, will be added, resulting in a total bet of €6.


After the betting time is closed, the Lightning Round occurs. In each Lightning Round, one suit will be randomly assigned a multiplier from 2x to 8x. The Lightning Suit and its multiplier is displayed in the user interface.


After the Lightning Round, the dealer will deal one card to the Dragon and one card to the Tiger. During dealing, Lightning Cards are highlighted in the user interface if a matching card has been dealt to make you aware that there is a chance for a multiplied win.


If you have placed a bet on a winning hand, the payout is according to the payout table. If your winning hand includes one matching Lightning Card, the winnings will be multiplied accordingly. If there are two matching Lightning Cards in a result of a Tie or Suited Tie, the winnings are multiplied again.

Release Date

April 24, 2024

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