Primate King Megaways™

Red Tiger presents: Primate King Megaways™

Step into the wild world of Primate King Megaways™! This highly anticipated sequel swings onto the scene, following in the footsteps of its fan-favourite predecessor.

Encounter the mighty Primate Wild that dominates entire reels with multipliers up to x7, evolving and growing stronger with each spin. Evolve the Primate Wild with Gold Coins to unlock its full potential across 3 stages of evolution. In Stage 1, earn an extra life point for the Primate Wild, extending its stay on the reels after every victorious spin. Progress to Stage 2 to add yet another life point and witness the Primate Wild’s destructive force as it eliminates the 9 symbol from the reels. Finally, reach Stage 3 to unlock the gateway to Free Spins, where untold treasures await. Once the evolution is complete, the 6th reel reveals a new realm of possibilities, exclusively reserved for high-paying symbols and Gold Coins.

Join the Primate King’s quest for evolution, bigger wins, and untamed excitement!

Chain Reaction

Winning symbols vanish, allowing space for new symbols to cascade down, potentially creating additional wins. This process can continue indefinitely, enabling continuous chain reactions with no set limit.

Primate Wild

The Primate Wild is a Super Wild which covers an entire reel and always lands in full view on reels 2, 3, 4 or 5. It holds a multiplier of between x2 and x7. If the Primate Wild does not participate in a win it will lock on the reel until it forms a win. Additionally, rather than being removed, its multiplier increases by 1.

Gold Coins and Primate Evolution

Collect Gold Coins to evolve the Primate Wild and unlock additional features. The Primate Evolution progress bar has 3 stages and is placed over the 6th reel. Collect 30 Gold Coins which may land anywhere on the reels, to complete each stage of the progress bar. The reward are as follows:

Stage 1: Adds 1 life point to the Primate Wild. With each Life Point added, the Primate Wild stays for 1 spin longer on the reels after it forms a win.
Stage 2: Adds 1 more life point to the Primate Wild. Additionally, on the next spin the Primate Wild will destroy the 9 symbol and it will no longer appear on the reels.
Stage 3: Adds 1 more life point to the Primate Wild and unlocks the chance to enter Free Spins.

After the last stage is complete, the progress bar is removed, revealing the 6th reel, where only high-paying symbols and Gold Coins can land. Gold Coins no longer appear on the first 5 reels, instead 1 may land on the 6th reel.

Free Spins

Once all stages are complete, landing a Gold Coin on the 6th reel along with the Primate Wild awards 4 free spins. 1 additional free spin is awarded for each remaining life point that the Primate Wild has at the point of entering. The maximum number of Free Spins is 7, if Free Spins are triggered when the Primate Wild still has 3 life points remaining. The Primate Wild remains locked on the reels for the duration of the bonus round. Randomly the Primate King may remove the current lowest-paying royal symbol from the reels for the remaining free spins until all royal symbols are removed.

Reels x Rows

6 x 7

Win Lines


Maximum Win


Hit Frequency

5/5 (High)


5/5 (High)

Release Date

April 25, 2024