Speed Super Sic Bo Live


Discover the rush of Speed Super Sic Bo with the shortest betting time yet! Embracing the classic game mechanics of the traditional dice game, players predict the result of the three-dice shake.

Speed Super Sic Bo is the fastest way to play the super-engaging version of the ancient Chinese dice game – place your bets during the 10-second betting time and watch the dice spring into action.

Dive into the game with extensive betting options and the dynamic infusion of random multipliers of up to 1,000x. Multipliers are assigned to different bet spots before the dice shake, multiplying your payout in case of a win.

Speed Super Sic Bo is set in an elegant Asian- themed studio. The beauty of the studio is enriched with red and gold elements symbolising wealth and prosperity.


The game is played with three regular dice with a face value of 1 to 6. Place your bets on one or more bet spots shown on the betting grid to predict the outcome of the three-dice shake.


Players are able to view statistics on the past nine rounds that can help guide their betting choices. Information available includes: dice combinations, the total of the three dice, whether the total was Big or Small, and whether the result was a Triple (three dice showing the same number).


After bets are placed, a number of bet spots — from zero to several — receive randomly generated multipliers up to 1,000x.

When the dice come to rest, the winning bet spots are highlighted on the betting grid. If your bet is placed on the winning bet spot with an assigned multiplier, your winnings are multiplied accordingly.

Release Date

November 15, 2023

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