The Final Countdown

BTG presents: The Final Countdown

In the cosmic realms of The Final Countdown, every spin holds the interstellar potential!

A mysterious Reel Clone may appear on each spin, replicating 2 to 4 identical reels and transforming the gameplay. Scatters multiply, and Wilds expand both horizontally and vertically, their power intensifying with the number of cloned reels up to x256.

Set your own co-ordinates for Free Spins with your choice of feature. The Countdown Free Spins grants you 8 initial free spins with a x4 Roaming Wild on reels 2 to 5. As the Countdown ticks down from 10, each retrigger amplifies the excitement, adding extra free spins and increasing the Roaming Wild multiplier up to a staggering x256. Opt for the exhilarating Heading For Venus Free Spins, where each of the 15 thrilling spins has a Reel Clone. These Reel Clones can create the energetic phenomenon of a Velocity Wild that starts at x4 and can ascend to an awe-inspiring x888 at random.

Opt for the Bonus Buy to launch straight into the cosmic action, purchasing Free Spins at 60x your stake. Choose your feature, revel in the countdown, and witness the cosmic crescendo as you navigate an epic voyage through the cosmos.

Reel Clone

A Reel Clone may materialize on each spin, crafting 2 to 4 identical reels between reels 2 and 5. Watch as Scatters are duplicated, and Wilds extend both horizontally and vertically, their potency magnified by the number of cloned reels. 2 reels yield a formidable x4 Wild, 3 reels amplify it to an astonishing x27 Wild, while the cosmic convergence of 4 reels results in an astronomical x256 Wild, promising an epic voyage through the cosmos.

The Countdown Free Spins

Unlock a world of possibilities by revealing 3 or more Scatters to select your feature. Immerse yourself in The Countdown Free Spins, offering an initial 8 free spins featuring a x4 Roaming Wild spanning reels 2 to 5. Watch the Roaming Wild intensify with each retrigger, reaching a staggering x256. The Countdown, displayed next to the reels, begins at 10 and awards a retrigger when it hits 0. The first retrigger awards an extra 4 free spins, followed by an additional 2 free spins on the second retrigger. After the second retrigger, the Countdown and all Countdown Scatters gracefully exit the feature allowing you to revel in the excitement of the maximum 14 free spins!

Heading For Venus Free Spins

3 or more Scatters awards you with your choice of feature! Heading For Venus Free Spins offers the thrill of 15 free spins, where each spin brings forth a Reel Clone. Amidst this cosmic dance, encounter the Velocity Wild - a dynamic force that starts at x4 with the ability to escalate to an awe-inspiring x888 at random on a Reel Clone. Amplify the anticipation with Velocity Wilds spanning 2 reels, boasting a multiplier ranging from x4 to x26. Elevate your experience with Velocity Wilds over 3 reels, showcasing a multiplier from x27 to x255, and marvel at the cosmic crescendo with Velocity Wilds across 4 reels, where the multiplier reaches an astonishing x256 to x888. Keep your rockets firing with 3 or more Scatters to retrigger the feature.

Bonus Buy

Ignite the thrusters with Bonus Buy and take control of your cosmic journey by choosing your preferred Free Spins mode. Press the Bonus Buy icon to purchase Free Spins for 60x the stake and launch straight into the action.

Reels x Rows

6 x 4

Win Lines


Maximum Win



Very High

Release Date

March 26, 2024