Video Poker


Experience the ultimate fusion of nostalgia and modern gaming with our live version of Video Poker!

Featuring sleek, retro graphics and a live dealer, playing Video Poker has never been more thrilling. Enjoy the same exhilarating experience from the convenience of your own home or anywhere you choose to play.

With a professional live dealer the game now offers a more engaging and interactive experience. Put your Poker skills to the test and decide which cards to hold or replace.

We’re true to the key characteristics of the traditional game, giving you the opportunity to play up to 99 extra hands in each game round. These hands will be populated with the same held cards as the main hand and receive randomly generated cards in the remaining spaces. This adds to the excitement as you chase the rarer Poker combinations to win big on a virtual hand.

Video Poker provides five different paytables so that you can seek out the game most fitted to you. From classic versions like Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild to modern variants like Bonus Poker and Double Double Bonus.


Video Poker is played with one standard 52-card deck, excluding Jokers.

The objective of the game is to make the best possible five-card hand. The hand can consist of either the initial five real cards or any of the additional virtual cards.

To participate in the game, choose your paytable, bet per hand and the number of hands you would like to play with. The default paytable is Jacks or Better, but you can select between any of these paytables:

• Jacks or Better
• Tens or Better
• Deuces Wild
• Bonus Poker
• Double Double Bonus.

The maximum number of hands per game round is 100.

Once the betting time is closed, the dealer will deal five cards face up.

If you have purchased any additional hands, they will appear as virtual cards at the top of the screen, face down at first.

You will only see the main hand containing the dealt cards if you did not purchase any additional hands.

After the main hand has been dealt, choose which of the five cards you wish to hold and which to swap. You may hold from zero to five cards by clicking on them – a ‘HOLD’ sign will appear below the held cards.

If no cards have been held, a default decision is made on your behalf.

When the decision time is over, the cards you decided not to hold will be swapped with virtually dealt RNG cards. These cards are randomly picked from a virtual deck that contains the remaining 47 cards.

Additionally, your other virtual hands will be populated into fully virtual hands. All the virtual hands will hold the same cards you chose to hold initially, but the remaining cards will be dealt from a virtual deck, ensuring that each card will differ.

Once all the virtual hands have been populated with RNG cards, the winning Poker combinations, their frequency and payout are displayed.

Each winning combination has its own colour code for an easier overview.

Release Date

August 23, 2023

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