Red Door Roulette


The ultimate game mash-up that you have been waiting for is here – combining the popular award-winning Lightning Roulette with the experience of Crazy Time’s most popular Bonus game – Red Door Roulette!

Red Door Roulette elevates to a new height with suspenseful twists and turns. The excitement starts with a slot that determines 3-15 Bonus Numbers per game round, offering the potential to enter the exhilarating Crazy Time Bonus game more frequently than ever. Moreover, add to this mix random multipliers up to 20x, for multiplied payouts on Straight Up bets or bring them over to the Bonus game to supercharge your winnings!

Have you hit the winning Bonus Number? Brace yourself for the iconic Red Door from Crazy Time! Here, you’ll jump into the larger-than-life Crazy Time Bonus world, where a gigantic wheel brimming with multipliers and opportunities to double them over and over awaits. Spin to see where the flapper lands and celebrate as guaranteed multiplied rewards come rolling in!

Red Door Roulette features a colourful user interface, an eye-catching environment and energetic, chatty game hosts. Take a spin with Red Door Roulette and immerse in a thrilling spectacle of excitement and high energy!


The objective of the Red Door Roulette is to predict the number on which the ball will land by placing one or more bets that cover that particular number. The wheel includes the numbers 1-36 plus a single zero.

You can place many different kinds of bets on the Roulette table. Bets can cover a single number or a certain range of numbers; each type of bet has its own payout rate. In order to participate in the Bonus game, a win on a Straight Up bet is required.

To participate in the game, place a chip on the betting grid.

After betting time has expired, an automatic Roulette wheel will spin the ball, and the dealer will pull the lever to initiate the spin of a slot machine to generate Bonus Numbers.

The slot machine reels will come to a stop and reveal a random Bonus Number ranging between 3 to 15, together with a Key symbol. The value of the Bonus Number represents the number of Keys that will be given out in that game round.

Each Key will then be assigned to a random bet spot with a colourful animation. Only one Key per numbered bet spot can be assigned.

In some cases, the colourful animation will reveal a random multiplier ranging from 2x to 20x, giving you the chance to enter the Bonus game and multiply the multipliers on the Crazy Time wheel accordingly before a spin is made.

The ball will eventually come to rest in one of the numbered pockets in the wheel.

You win 19:1 if you have placed a chip on that particular winning number.

If the ball lands on a number with a multiplier and you have placed your chip on that number, your payout will be multiplied accordingly.

If the ball lands on a Bonus Number with a Key and you have placed your bet on that particular number, you will proceed to the Bonus Round. If that Bonus Number had a multiplier assigned, all the multiplier segments on the Crazy Time wheel will be multiplied by that multiplier.

What’s behind the mystic Red Door? It is the world of the Crazy Time Bonus Game with a gigantic 64-segment wheel with a single flapper and nothing but guaranteed multipliers.

If a multiplier was assigned to the Bonus Number, all the multipliers on the Crazy Time wheel will be multiplied accordingly.

Once the wheel comes to a stop, the flapper will indicate the winning segment, and the multiplier will be applied to your winnings.

If the flapper stops on the ‘DOUBLE’ segment on the Crazy Time wheel, all multiplier values on the wheel will be doubled, and the wheel will be spun again.

If the wheel stops on the ‘DOUBLE’ segment many times in a row, and all multiplier values have reached 4,000x, the ‘DOUBLE’ segments are automatically replaced by 4,000x multipliers.

The winnings are capped at €500,000 maximum.

Release Date

October 25, 2023